About Us

Both Twin Rivers Sew & Vac and River Road Sew & Vac are owned by brothers Michael Lane and Dane Johnson, who have been in sales and service of sewing and vacuum machines for over 35 years. Their goal was to create a sewing and vacuum store that gives you the best experience of shopping for top quality premium grade vacuums and sewing machines.

We enjoy raising up the next generation of sewing and vacuum repair technicians. We take great pride in our staff who is highly experienced and trained.

Staff Bios

Dane Johnson River Road Sew & Vac

Dane Johnson


Since he was young Dane has been intrigued with mechanical things like lawn mowers, cars, ect. When he started in the vacuum business, 29 years ago, he instantly became fascinated with sewing machines. Sewing machines are his passion. Dane can...
Michael Lane Twin Rivers Sew & Vac

Michael Lane


Michael first started in the vacuum business with his dad in 1981. They had a janitorial supply business as well as industrial floor care equipment. Michael has experience repairing anything from commercial carpet extractors to automated scrubbers. When it comes...
Joshua Brumley Sew and Vac Eugene Oregon

Joshua Brumley

Sales, Service & Repair

Joshua started with us about a year ago. He is a certified auto mechanic, so when he started working on vacuum cleaners he picked it up quickly. Joshua likes the more challenging brands like Dyson, Rainbows, and Kirbys. He’s been...
Christopher Brumley Sew & Vac Eugene

Christopher Brumley

Sales, Service & Repair

Chris has been with us for almost 6 years. Chris has learned all aspects of the vacuum business and now wants to learn sewing machines. Under the direction of Dane, our guru, we know Chris will be our next generation...
Brian Illigan Sew and Vac Eugene

Brian Illigan


Brian has been with us now almost 5 years. He loves repairing vacuums, heaters, and does most of our lamp repair. He enjoys working with the public and there’s not much he can’t figure out. So if you need it...